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Basic Information
Marital Status: Divorced
Languages: English
Referred by: Referred by a friend
Physical Appearance
Ethnicity: African American
Height: 5' 4" (162 cm)
Eye color: Black
Hair color: Blonde
Body Type: Smart
Weight: I'll tell you later
Sense of humor: Clever: Nothing's better than a quick-witted comeback
Exercise: Every other day
Daily diet: Vegetarian
Smoking: No, never
Drinking: No, Never
Living situation: Live with kids
Have children: Yes - at home full-time
Want children: Not sure
Professional Life
Education: Bachelors degree
Employment status: Homemaker
Job schedule: Homemaker
Hobbies: I love to sing. I enjoy recording and laying down tracks so that I can have harmony when I have to sing.

My church has started having a game night and we play volleyball. It is my favorite game, even when we are loosing. I love to swim at natural springs and water falls or clear ocean waters. I have to be very careful about what kinds of movies I choose to watch with my son. He is turning 14 next month and is at that stage were self accountability is being developed so I make sure that we watch movies that Dad (God) will watch with us. We like adventure, comedy, classics, anything good as long as there is no cursing or inappropriate content.

We like to play a few computer games. I like this one called star defender it reminds me of centipede. I love going out side and enjoying nature. The bird calls and of course I cant leave out my major activity as soon as I can get a shovel in the ground is my garden. We depend on it for our veggies when spring hits.

I learned to ski for my son, so that we would have something to do that we can do and enjoy together. I am learning how to do kick boxing for exercise. It's a lot of fun. We go bike riding in after the roads are clear from winter snows and salt
Sports: Bowling, Cycling, Martial arts, Skiing, Swimming, Tennis / Racquet sports, Volleyball
Favorite things: My favorite food is anything that I have tasted that is yummy. If I like it, I will learn to cook it so that we can have it anytime we want. That includes italian, india indian food, some chinese, my homemade veggie burgers, mexican and american food.

My favorite color has changed over the years from red to peach and I recently found out that I really like pink oh yeah, violet is really beautiful. I have a wide range of likes, so it is hard to pin point just one.
Last reading: This book called her mothers hope by Francine Rivers. This book is christian fiction and I like it because of how she brings the story to life as if it is actually happening. This women has been brought out of a dysfunctional family whose father is a dictator. It tells about her escape from the clutches of her father who wants her to be his slave basically. He uses his wife until she is dried up and eventually dies. Her name is Marta. She has a sister Eliese who is cuddled by her mother due to her personal weakness, mental, and emotional. This sister ends up committing suicide and Marta, as the strong daughter is sent by her father to learn how to be a professional maid so that she can get a job and support him after the mother passes away.
Marta is told by her mother, just before she dies to "fly". " Just go" while your father is away buying some new cows". She knows that if she does not go now that she will never have another chance. Marta ends up somewhere in europe staying at a boarding house. She finds work in a restaurant and having already been taught cooking by her mother, she works as the cooks assistant. She pays close attention to every recipe and writes them down is her diary. One day when the cook is late coming in, she starts some of the special entrees for the day. The cook comes in furious with her for over stepping her bounds. He really is angry because she did such a good job that he fears she is out to take his job. He finds a way to set her up for some misdeed that gets her fired. She is not discouraged: however, quite that opposite. As she looks for further work, she finds that she has been black listed by this cook and cannot find work anywhere in that region so she moves on to a boarding house, where she obtains a job as well as logging. Her employer rapidly sees her quickness to learn and has the pleasure of exchanging recipes which her boarders love. She keeps her on until she is no longer able to maintain martas salary. Sadly she leaves in search of new employment. She ends up at a very important lady like a duchess or something like that. She is an older lady who needs a constant companion. At first marta works in the kitchen with a very fine chef who gladly teaches her fabulous cooking and baking recipes. When sent to serve the duchess, she always takes time to converse with her as if she is her equal. She develops a relationship which the duchess wants to maintain. She is then ask to be a companion to the duchess. Having missed out on having a real relationship with her mother, marta grows to love her. This story is very long, but she finally ends up owning her own boarding house, became her greatest desire. Being plain looking, or as she was always told by her father, she doesn't even think of the eventuality of having a family of her own, but God has other plans for her. Marta houses a guest in her boarding house who she deems very attractive, but she knows that no one like that would ever give her a second look. She of course is wrong. This gentlemen speaks mainly german and asks Marta if she would be willing to work with him and teach him french, I believe. The story goes on through her life, child bearing and attainment of property and building house and home.

I enjoyed it because she developed a close relationship with The Lord, and many scriptures were used in the writing of this book and it seemed more like a devotional than a novel.
Common interests: Cooking, Book club / Discussion, Coffee and conversation, Gardening / Landscaping, Music and concerts, Religion / Spiritual
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