What's new?
Oct 25, 2010

This week we have implemented many new components for your safety. Although we previously said we were working on only two of them, we like to aim high and exceed our expectations.

The Single Adventist  is better then your email provider. Email providers cannot detect or test their members to see what they believe; we can. In fact, we have finished the first phase of our safety plan and have already implemented several different tools and components to eliminate any sign of strange activity. Here are some below:

Scam Reporter
We have built in new components which automatically searches for keywords and phrases in email and profiles that may be from scammers. This alerts us to possible problems.
Report Button
Our latest improvement is the report button that is located in your mailbox beside the "reply" and "no thanks" button. Clicking this button once will open a composition message that is already filled out. All you need to do is press "Send".

Adventist Quiz
The Adventist quiz is now required. We discovered it was very difficult to pick questions that only new, old, local, and global Adventists would know the answers to and while keeping everyone else at bay. So the questions have had several revisions. We are hoping this batch is the final one. If you haven't already, take a look at the final questions in your quiz section because their may be a few new ones that you have not answered.

Blocking Countries
We also block portions of several countries: Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Russia, & Turkey and several more are on the list to be added if they were to ever become a problem. Although there may be many good Christians in these countries, these countries are known for their scam, spam, and schemes on the internet. Everything from banks to web forums know this and block them; we do too.

Remember, for your safety, keep your conversations inside since our bots track unusual behavior from users. Also, never give any money to a person you meet on the internet no matter what their story is.